Daily to-do list

  • Take a listing
  • Sign a buyer to buyer agency
  • Sell a listing
  • Put a buyer in contract
  • Prequalify a Seller Prospect
  • Prequalify a Buyer Prospect
  • Set a listing appointment
  • Call back 100% of your leads
  • Talk to five past clients
  • Talk to five people from your COI
  • Talk to five Asset Managers
  • Get a Short Sale Approval
  • Complete five BPOs
  • Attend a COI event and add five new COI contacts to your database
  • Talk to five expired listings
  • Talk to five FSBOs
  • Send a referral with signed referral docs
  • Receive a referral with signed referral forms
  • Hold a home buying or selling seminar or webinar
  • Get a price reduction of 5% or more on one of your listings
  • Listen to the Tim and Julie Harris Daily Motivational Message

Every day mark your results

Remember! Your goal is to earn 50 points each and every day.

Let’s get rolling with an example. You sell one of your listings = 5 points. The same day you prequalify a new buyer = 5 points. The buyer signs an agency contract (5 more points). You’ve got 15 points so far!
Next, you complete five BPOs and earn 5 more points. You back call 100% of your leads = 5 more points. Because you called those leads, you also set a new listing appointment = 5 more points. Now you’re up to 30 points!
I think you’ll agree that so far you’ve had a very productive day. Okay, back to work. You decide to work on your existing listing inventory and get two price reductions, these are worth 5 points each. You have now earned 40 points for the day! Time for lunch.
When you get back to the office, you call five past clients and earn another 5 points. You’re almost done! You didn’t quite get to 50 points but look at what you accomplished by getting up to 45.
Time to listen to the Tim and Julie Harris Daily Motivational Message = 5 points. You did it – you won 50 points!
Even if you have zero listings, you can score 50 points by repeating some of the activities. For example, talk to ten past clients and you will score 10 points. Calling ten expireds is also good for 10 points. The idea is to spend your time on an activity that creates income.